Chasing Kurt LIVE

Amen Festivalgelände

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2022

Ab 12:00 Uhr • Festival • Eintritt frei!


From their effortless studio sessions, to touring Europe as a tight-knit combo, Chasing Kurt bring a touch of class to house music and represent a prime example of how the new generation are pushing the music forward.

Made up of vocalist Lukas together with DJ & producer Wojtek, Chasing Kurt have cultivated a sound that is both accessible and deep, sublime yet dancefloor-ready and wholly captivating. In the few years they’ve been together they have amassed a strong back catalogue of work, and continue to work on new compositions on a daily basis, travelling all over Europe with their superlative live act and DJ Set.

As part of the Amen Festival, so exact playing time unknown.
Im Rahmen des Amen Festivals, daher genaue playtime unknow.

Amen Festival Open 12:00-21:00